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Samvab is a social enterprise in healthcare sector,providing high-quality medical services to the middle class and to the poor.In India, the health care system is struggling with rising costs and uneven quality so it was important, to achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost, with the help of technology.considering the use of technology imperative to bringing better health care to India’s most vulnerable areas. “Samvab's challenge was to effectively tap into the $125 billion health care industry. And building a technology-driven health care delivery business that makes a difference in the health of the people living in rural areas was the right thing to do.

Where Samvab Comes into Play ?

In India, the healthcare resources are heavily urban biased, says Samvab. “Access to basic health care is a big challenge in rural India since 80% of doctors, 75% pharmacies and 60% of hospitals are in urban areas. High rates of chronic absenteeism at government-aided rural clinics and unqualified private practitioners add to the distress As a result, 80% of Indians seek private healthcare. Around 40% of the population either borrow money or sell assets to pay for hospitalization, and 25% fall below the poverty line as a result of medical expenses each year, according to National Accounts Statistics.

Samvab's wants to Change

Shockingly, for the rural population, health care is 1.5 times costlier because treatment is sought very late in disease-cycle, resulting in huge expenses. Nearly 80% of health care financing is out of pocket, and millions of Indians in rural areas get pushed below the poverty line every year because of health care expenditure, adds Samvab

Samvab's Motto

"Our business plan comprises of 22 'Samvab Points' placed at the 22 block headquarters, 1100 rural health staff spread all over the district, with population of more than 4 million inhabitants in over 4,000 villages. Even after expansion we should be able to provide emergency, doorstep and referral services to the entire district population".

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