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24 Hrs Emergency Health Care

Our Emergency Department is Staffed with Professionals & Equipped for Specialized Emergenct Treatments Committed to Providing very good Care to its Patients

Samvab Vaccines & Remedies

We believe that Vaccination is a Important Practice & an Effective Way to Prevent Infectious Diseases. We Provide Vaccinations to all types of Age Groups,including free Vaccinations

Samvab Central Pathology

Samvab has a Modern Medical Diagnosis Center that has Professional Pathologists, Who aims to focus on Providing Quality Preventive Health Care Services at much Affordable Price.


We provide ambulance services at very economical cost that removes the barriers of Affordability. We give it utmost priority and our ambulances can be booked anytime by a single call.

Samvab Geriatric Care

Samvab primarily focuses on Health Care of elderly people. We provide affordable old-age care, medical tests, medicines and other emergency supportive services to the bed-ridden.

Samvab Drug House

Our Pharmacies aim to ensure the safe and effective use of Pharmaceutical Drugs at a very marginal cost. We even provide medicines right at door step if the patient needs so.

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Opening Hours per Day

Samvab is a Concept dedicated to the Geriatric Population of the Society.It aims to reach to the People at the time of need, at the middle of the night, for the poor & the needy, for the old & bed-ridden patients.Basically Samvab is a 24 hrs HealthCare facility with the best of Intentions, a group of Doctors, Paramedical Staffs have Successfully Created a milestone in healthcare sector today. We are well equipped with medical facilities to perform any kind of health diagnosis related activities especially Emergency, supportive & regular health services to the bed-ridden.Our business plan comprises of 22 'Samvab Points' placed at the 22 block headquarters, 1100 rural health staff spread all over the district, with population of more than 4 million inhabitants in over 4,000 villages.

Why Samvab

Safe Motherhood

Our Gynaecological Health checkup is fast & Cost effective, that focuses on the guidance & care to the Pregnant mothers right from the day of her first visit till the delivery of the child. We prefer regular prenatal checkups to ensure a healthy birth and any complications can be taken care of through prenatal care.

Geriatrics Care

We are Specialized in providing Care to elderly people. We determine the Patients's healthcare needs and provide them treatment accordingly. We have a well equipped disease diagnostics center for the old. Besides we have been very instrumental in helping people during natural disasters.

Preventive Care

We identify, minimize & prevent all kinds of chronic diseases. We provide routine healthcare measures like checkups, screenings, immunizations. We Provide preventive healthcare packages like health backup card, premium memebership card for regular healthcare checkups,emergencies & Geriatrics.

24/7 Home Visit

Samvab helps you fix a Doctor's visit at home & much more. Do you have an elderly loved one with limited mobility who would prefer to receive a Doctors home visit in comfort of their own home? Samvab will conduct a detailed assessment and provide expert guidance in treating individual needs at your residence

24/7 Doctor Facility

If you are looking for a 24/7 Medical service under a Specialist Doctor's supervision, Samvab is a great, Convinient & affordable Community Healthcare & Research center. Our Core philosophy has always been to provide the highest & most affordable level of healthcare to our patients, treating them like Family.

24/7 Ambulance Unit

Samvab has grown into one of the most recognised & trusted Healthcare facilities & Samvab Ambulances and referral network is one of the strongest ambulance network in Southern Odisha. Our doctors and paramedical staffs are expert enough to deal with any type of situation or emergency which comes on the way.

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